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Vitomax HW-EH

Hybrid hot water boiler

We are pleased to present the Vitomax HW-EH, a hybrid boiler for industrial application, a combination of standard shell boiler and electric flange heaters.

Output range: 0.78 to 20.7 MW*
H2 ready
Peak load compensation
Reduction of flue gas emissions

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Optimised start-up process

Through the use of electricity

H2 ready

Enables the proportional use of hydrogen

Compensation of load peaks and larger normal range

Ensure better management in the event of partial load reductions

Reduction of flue gas emissions

From COx or NOx

Higher efficiency

Compared to models that only work on fossil fuels

Reduced use of fossil fuels

Thus lower overall costs during operation

High security of supply

If fossil energy sources fail

Rapid availability of thermal energy

Through electric heat retention

Easy heat retention

Thus avoiding unnecessary burner cycling

Viessmann Vitomax HW-EH / LW-EH hybrid boiler

Vitomax  HW-EH / LW-EH: hybrid boilers for industrial hot water generation

With the Viessmann  Vitomax high pressure (HW-EH) and low pressure (LW-EH) hot water boilers, you can contribute to the energy transition. This is because, in addition to fossil fuels, the hybrid boilers partly use electricity to generate heat. The "power-to-heat" principle enables the economical use of resources and at the same time reduces flue gas emissions during hot water generation. Furthermore, the seamlessly interlocking components of Viessmann system solutions ensure reliable operation.

What distinguishes the high and low pressure hot water boilers?

An important feature of the Viessmann  Vitomax HW-EH / LW-EH hot water boilers is the hybrid operating mode of pressure-jet burners and electric heating cartridges. Based on this, they offer higher efficiency than comparable models that use only fossil fuels. This has both ecological and economic advantages. Lower consumption saves finite resources and reduces carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. While the latter has a positive impact on the company's carbon footprint as well as emissions charges, the lower consumption of fossil energy sources actively reduces running costs. This also applies to the use of cheap electricity, which can be drawn from the electricity grid during production peaks or generated by the company itself using the appropriate technology. Electricity-based operation contributes to a high security of supply: if fossil energy sources fail, this can be bridged proportionally. In this way, interruptions in process flows can be reduced.

Use of alternative fuels

Additional savings on fossil resources are possible through the use of biogenic fuels and hydrogen. This is because  Vitomax HW-EH / LW-EH hybrid boilers are 100  percent H2 ready and enable operation with both liquid and gaseous biogenic energy sources.

Optimised operation of the Vitomax  HW-EH / LW-EH hybrid boilers

Electricity is used to optimise the start-up process. This means it is possible to avoid the flue gas falling below the dew point. When the operating status is reached, the boiler switches over to the primary fuel or this is switched on. This also enables the use of energy sources that have a low flue gas dew point or whose condensate components would be harmful. The increased normal range and the compensation of load peaks also make it possible to ensure better management in the event of partial load reductions. The electric heat retention of the  Vitomax HW-EH / LW-EH hybrid boilers offers benefits in use. In addition to the rapid availability of thermal energy, heat retention avoids unnecessary burner cycling. This prevents wear and tear, contributes to a longer service life of the components and reduces costs.

Technical details

  • Outputs:  0.78 to 20.7 MW*
  • Ratio of firing to current depends on current proportion and pressure level, max. ~ 5:1
  • Higher outputs and pressures on request

* Depending on current component and pressure rating

Heating cartridges enable efficient use of electricity

Viessmann  Vitomax HW-EH / LW-EH hybrid boilers have up to two heating cartridges that convert electricity into heat. This in turn serves to generate hot water. The cartridge heaters are "flange heaters" and are connected to the boiler via a connector. Depending on requirements, the immersion depth is up to 4.5  metres. A wall thickness of up to 2.1  millimetres ensures high resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress.

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