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What to consider before starting your renovation

Before you embark on the exciting journey of renovation, there are three important aspects to consider so that you can have a personalised bathroom that caters to all your needs. Viessmann has collaborated with a bespoke interior design firm from Singapore, The Local INN.terior, to provide you with useful information on this page.

1. Consider your lifestyle needs

Beyond cabinetry and aesthetics, a successfully designed bathroom must cater to the lifestyle needs of you and your family. The trick is in asking the right questions before you start.

Who’s living in your household?

Consider the age and lifestyles of family members and design the bathrooms according to their needs.

How frequently do you shower?

If your household members shower frequently, consider installing storage water heaters with a bigger tank capacity or instant heaters so that there is sufficient hot water on demand.

Do you need hot water elsewhere?

If you need hot water for your kitchen and bathroom mixers, consider installing storage water heaters to supply hot water to multiple points.

How much light is enough?

Though most couples prefer ambient lighting over ceiling mounted or down lights, be sure to prepare additional lighting points to install the latter for the ladies to apply make-up, and if you need to cater for young children or seniors at home.

How much storage do you need?

A wall-hung vanity makes your bathroom modern and spacious, but limits the amount of storage as a trade-off. If you need space, consider a freestanding vanity that is made of waterproof material.

2. Consider your bathroom design

The modern homeowner seeks to create a home space that will make them feel perfectly pampered and reflect who they are. From recent residential projects of The Local INN.terior, we highlight four aesthetic themes on the radar for the bathroom design.

About this theme

A Minimalist design in the bathroom involves using bare essentials, characterized by clean lines and a monochromatic palette to create a clutter-free and serene space. To make a minimalist space feel more welcoming, consider incorporating the use of different shades and textures to add a soothing warmth.  

About this theme

Rustic represents a natural, aged and casual design style in interiors. Though traditional rustic design has been heavy and dark, a more contemporary rustic style has emerged with a fresh and light aesthetic. Choose your own distinct variation of the rustic design style, using wooden furniture, wood-effect tiles and industrial-style fittings to add that old-time feel to your bathroom.

About this theme

A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, Japandi is a distinctive style in interiors where East meets West and the aesthetics are focused on simplicity, natural elements and comfort.

Design Tips

  • Create your own Japandi style by defining whether the final look should be more Scandinavian or Japanese
  • Opt for vintage or handmade decorations rather than mass produced

About this theme

Who wouldn’t like a bathroom that’s up-to-date with the world’s current design trends? A modern contemporary design style is characterized by a dark colour palette with bright colour accents and the clever use of lighting.

Design Tips

  • Large mirrors with LED lights, and the emphasis on negative space brings out the contemporary touch to your design
  • Use bright coloured accents to bring out the simple sophistication in this style

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