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Vitowell comfort cylinder

Large Storage Water Heater

Vitowell comfort cylinders are the right choice if you need a high capacity of hot water for your complete house. Available in 50, 80 and 100 liters, these high-capacity devices are available for horizontal or vertical set-up.

Advanced Enamel Coating for Tank
Electronic ELCB
Visual assistance temperature LED
Horizontal and vertical installation

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Advanced Enamel Coating for tank

For superior corrosion protection

Enamel Coating for heating element

Prevent sediment formation and extends product lifespan

Splash-waterproof casing

In line with IP X4 standard

Electronic ELCB

Earth-leakage circuit breaker

Visual assistance temperature LED

For high comfort

Visual thermometer

For easy use

Double-safety thermostats

For accurate temperature control and safety

High convertibility

Available in horizontal and vertical installation options

Vitowell comfort cylinder: high-capacity water heaters for your house

With capacities ranging from 50 to 100 liters, Vitowell comfort cylinder water heaters are the right choice to supply your whole house with hot water. You can choose between horizontal or vertical installation.

Durable and precise to use

Vitowell comfort cylinders are built with high-density PU Insulation which minimize heat losses to the surroundings. The heaters come with a user-friendly control unit for precise temperature regulation capability which is ideal for maximum efficiency. Each heater is equipped with a large magnesium anode that helps protect the water tank against corrosion for a long time.

Highly efficient heating

A fast and efficient heating process is a major characteristic of Viessmann Vitowell comfort cylinder heaters. Every component has been designed with utmost precision: The heating element lies at the very bottom of the tank to assure that all tank water is completely heated. A cold water inlet pipe deflector has been included to stratify the cold water to the bottom part. The water-outlet pipe positioned at the top of the tank withdraws hot water from the very top. The thermostat has been positioned in a way that it provides a reliable temperature measurement at the right point.

Fits everywhere, vertically or horizontally

Vitowell comfort cylinders come with both vertical and horizontal installation versions, depending on the space at the point of installation.


Check the dimensions of Vitowell comfort cylinder water heaters in the following overview to assure that the device fits well into your home.

Dimensions / Capacity 50 l 80 l 100 l
A (mm) 385 385 450
B (mm) 711 1030 915
C (mm) 296 296 372
D (mm) 310 612 447
E (mm) 196 196 196

Product details


50 l: 800 W/220-240 V
80 l: 1.5 kW/220-240 V
100 l: 1.5 kW/220-240 V

Net Weight

50 l: 18.3 kg
80 l: 26.3 kg    
100 l: 28.6 kg

Pressure (MPA)


Max. Water Temp.(C)


Waterproof Class


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