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Vitovent 200-D

Decentralised mechanical ventilation

The Vitovent 200-D is a decentralised mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery for modernisation and new build projects.

Air flow rate: up to 55 m³/h
Heat recovery up to 90 %
Savings on energy costs
Quiet power saving fans

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Reduction of heating costs

Through heat recovery from the extract air

Reduction of heat losses in fresh air supply

Due to high heat recovery from the extract air up to 90 %

Quiet power saving fans

For more convenience

Facilitated installation

With set for unfinished walls

Easy operation

Programming unit for straightforward control

Decentralised Vitovent 200-D mechanical ventilation unit

Decentralised  Vitovent 200-D mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery

The compact  Vitovent 200-D mechanical ventilation unit is designed for the controlled ventilation of individual rooms. The incoming air is filtered and heated via the cross-countercurrent heat exchanger with the heat extracted from the indoor air. Up to 90  percent of the heat in the extract air is recovered. Up to 55  m³ of air is replaced per hour. Complete ventilation concepts can be achieved by utilising several units.

The installation of the ventilation unit requires only one opening in the external wall. No additional air ducts need to be installed – only one power supply (230  V) is required. A choice is available between angular and rounded casing designs for high flexibility plus quick and easy installation. The  Vitovent 200-D mechanical ventilation unit is very well suited, for example, to combating problems with damp as part of a modernisation project or conveniently maintaining a comfortable ambience. In addition, balanced humidity management prevents building damage.

Passive cooling without air conditioning  

At the same time, heat recovery saves energy when compared, for example, to essential window ventilation. This reduces heating bills. The supply air function (type HRM) provides additional comfort in summer: at night, the heat exchanger can be bypassed and cool night air fed into the interior. In this way, the rooms remain pleasantly cool – without a classic air conditioning system.

High air quality and burglary protection

With the optional electric preheating coil, the  Vitovent 200-D ensures balanced operation at all times and therefore also provides high air quality in energy efficient buildings, even when temperatures outside are low. Pollen filters fitted as standard allow allergy sufferers to breathe easy. This is because ingress of pollen from the outdoor air is effectively prevented. The windows no longer have to be opened regularly or remain open to ensure the required air exchange. When closed, they offer increased security against burglary and also keep road noise out.

Installation options for Vitovent 200-D

  1. Outdoor air
  2. Supply air
  3. Extract air
  4. Exhaust air

Straightforward operation and maintenance

The programming unit is integrated into the internal wall cover. Supply and outdoor air filters can be replaced and central components cleaned and inspected quite comfortably from the inside.

The wireless operating switch (accessories) with no batteries allows convenient changing of the operating mode of one or more appliances simultaneously. Technology based on the piezo-electrical effect means that no cable connection or battery changes are required, so the switch can be positioned without incursion into the building fabric.

The quiet, energy efficient fans in the  Vitovent 200-D are continuously regulated in line with the air quality by means of the air quality sensor (option) to provide control subject to local demand. In automatic mode, the fan speed is only as high as that required for a healthy and thermally comfortable indoor environment.

Vitovent 200-D wireless operating switch

Product details

Air flow rate

Up to 55  m³/h

Energy efficiency class*

Manual control: B | Control according to local demand: A or - depending on type | *In accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  1254/2014

Heat recovery

Up to 90  %

Application area

Apartments, for single rooms up to approx. 25  m² | New build and modernisation projects

Installation type

Installation in the external wall without air ducts

Additional features

Integral control unit with 7  operating modes. Optional operation via wireless operating switch (accessories). In conjunction with air quality sensor (accessories), automatic air flow rate adjustment subject to room air quality. Supply air function also ensures pleasantly cool temperatures in summer (type HRM)

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