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Vitovent series

Mechanical ventilation systems - Keeping air indoors clean

Quiet and efficient mechanical ventilation systems (central and decentralised) that ensures clean air indoors.

Viessmann Vitovent provides rooms with clean air

High air quality means a high level of comfort. It also increases physical and mental performance. Air is perceived as fresh and pleasant when the carbon dioxide concentration is below 0.1 percent by volume. If the indoor air is rich in oxygen, quality of life increases. However, it is not only oxygen content that determines the air quality. Odours and pollutants as well as increased humidity have a negative effect. In old, rather less well insulated buildings, there is a constant air change through cracks and slits in doors and windows. New building and insulation materials can no longer guarantee this natural air exchange. The solution: mechanical ventilation systems. The Vitovent product range for central and decentralised ventilation is ideal for this.

Central ventilation:

Decentralised ventilation:

Air purification & air distribution system:

What makes Viessmann Vitovent mechanical ventilation systems stand out

Basically, all Viessmann ventilation systems combine innovative technology with durability and reliability. A particularly important feature of Vitovent models is that they are particularly quiet. They ensure a constant exchange of air and remove pollutants and odours from the indoor air. The air change depends on the humidity. This is because about 15 litres of moisture are released into the indoor air per day in a detached house. Once the air can no longer retain this moisture, it condenses, which can promote the formation of mould. This is why Vitovent models are designed so that air exchange only takes place subject to the outdoor air and weather conditions.

Ventilation with heat recovery and bypass function

All Vitovent systems use the heat from the extract air to heat the supply air. This process is called heat recovery and saves heating energy. An integral heat exchanger makes this possible. This, in turn, can be bypassed in summer. Rooms can then be cooled down using the cooled night air. In Vitovent central ventilation systems, this is achieved by means of the bypass function. A bypass flap is integrated in each appliance for this purpose. It guides the fresh, cool outdoor air past the cross-countercurrent heat exchanger. Heat exchange from the outdoor air to the supply air is therefore bypassed and temporarily deactivated.

Product Application area Heat recovery For living space up to
Vitovent 300-W New build, detached/two-family houses Up to 93 % Approx. 370 m2
Vitovent 300-F New build, detached/two-family houses Up to 98 % Approx. 215 m2
Vitovent 300-C New build and modernisation, apartments Up to 90 % Approx. 90 m2
Vitovent 200-C New build (optional) and modernisation, apartments Up to 95 % Approx. 120 m2
Vitovent 200-D New build and modernisation, apartments Up to 90 % Up to approx. 25 m2 (individual rooms)

The Vitovent 100-D and Vitovent 050-D models can also be used in new build projects and the modernisation of existing buildings. Their four different levels make them suitable for apartments. For example, the Vitovent 100-D can exchange up to 46 cubic metres of air in one hour when set to level 4. The Vitovent 050-D achieves 43 cubic metres per hour with the same setting. In addition, both models have a heat recovery level of 90 and 91 percent respectively.

Viessmann Vitovent

Vitovent – central ventilation for new build projects

In principle, central ventilation involves a centrally installed appliance that supplies all rooms in a building with fresh air via a duct system. The systems are mainly installed in new build projects, as there is usually not enough space in existing buildings to retrofit such a duct system.

Vitovent air distribution system (LVS)

The Viessmann components of the central mechanical ventilation system with air distribution system are very well matched to each other and therefore particularly quiet. The distribution system consists of 19 individual components that can be flexibly combined with each other. Homeowners have the following options here:

  • Central distribution (distributor on the wall or ceiling)
  • Decentralised distribution (distribution via riser)
  • Central distribution in suspended ceilings (distribution box and slimline unit in a suspended ceiling)

Vitovent mechanical ventilation in a complete package

In addition to the individual Vitovent products, you can also benefit from other comprehensive services relating to the planning of the system on request:

  • Calculation of air flow rates
  • Calculation of the restrictors for presetting the individual
  • air flow rates
  • Layout for the flat duct system
  • Installation instructions
  • Commissioning
  • Adjustment

Decentralised ventilation with Viessmann Vitovent

Extensive modernisation projects are also making existing buildings more and more airtight, which means that there is insufficient air change. This frequently leads to high humidity and an equally high probability of mould growth – the solution is decentralised ventilation systems. These ensure a targeted supply of fresh air in individual rooms. At the same time, they are easy to install. All that is needed is a small wall opening or core drill hole through the external wall. An extensive network of ventilation ducts is obsolete. This makes Vitovent decentralised ventilation systems particularly suitable for apartment buildings, as several appliances can be operated independently of each other.

Vitovent product range

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