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Efficient energy systems for industry and commerce

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Efficient and clean provision of energy, as well as high operational reliability, are essential requirements for energy generating systems employed by industry, commerce and local authorities. The reduction of running costs creates a further advantage – not least in relation to potential competitors. Viessmann is a technological pacesetter for energy systems that enable the cost effective provision of heat, steam, refrigeration and electricity. They work with all energy sources – gas, oil, biomass, environmental energy and waste heat. Use our product catalogue to conveniently filter by your area of application and find the right Viessmann product for you.

Wide range of services for a broad spectrum of requirements

The following outputs refer to the largest type of boiler or energy generator. Higher outputs can be achieved by linking individual boilers into cascades.

  • Industrial boilers for steam up to 70 t/h and for heat up to 44 MW
  • Combined heat and power units for electricity up to 530 kW and for heat up to 660 kW
  • Heat pump systems for heating and cooling up to 600 kW

Steam generation up to 70 t/h

Thanks to their excellent equipment level, Viessmann steam boilers meet the criteria for a variety of application areas. The boilers are robust and require only a low level of maintenance. They form part of tailor-made boiler house concepts designed as system solutions for industrial steam generation. The detailed design of Vitomax boilers and our many years of experience in the construction of industrial/commercial boilers ensure superior quality, high operational reliability and a long service life.

Steam boiler systems

  • Steam output up to 70  t/h per boiler
  • Operating pressure up to 40  bar
  • Hot steam temperatures up to 440  °C
  • Broad range of fuel types
  • Waste heat boilers for the utilisation of process heat
  • Modular design

System modules

All of the components Viessmann supplies are matched to the relevant steam boiler system:

  • Boiler and superheater
  • Flue gas heat exchanger
  • Thermal and chemical treatment plants for feedwater
  • Combustion equipment, fuel storage and charging
  • Control system and switchgear
  • Flue gas scrubbing
  • Steam storage
  • Boiler platform

Operation with up to 100 percent hydrogen

In chemical operations such as the manufacture of chlorine and other industrial processes, most of the hydrogen gas is not used and is released into the atmosphere. Vitomax  boilers, which can run on 100  percent hydrogen with an appropriate burner, offer a cost effective and efficient solution. This also reduces CO2 emissions.

Power generation up to 530 kWel

Viessmann offers combined heat and power (CHP) units for generating electricity. They are designed for environmentally responsible operation. Users of Vitobloc CHP units benefit from reduced costs for electricity and heat if the energy generated is also consumed on site.

  • Output range up to 530 kWel
  • Carbon neutral operation with bio natural gas
  • Equipped as standard for mains substitution mode in the case of power failure (island mode)
  • Meets stringent connection conditions (AR-N 4105) issued by grid operators 

Heat generation up to 44 MW with oil, gas and environmental energy

With its energy systems for industry, commerce and local authorities, Viessmann offers the right solution for every application. The product range includes high efficiency hot water boilers, combined heat and power units and heat pump systems. Thanks to their design and configuration, Viessmann industrial/commercial boilers are ideally placed to meet individual customer requirements across a broad range of applications.

Heat generators

  • Hot water boilers up to 44  MW with a maximum operating pressure of 20  bar
  • Waste heat boilers for the utilisation of process heat
  • Combined heat and power units up to 660  kWth
  • Heat pumps up to 600  kW

System modules

  • Boiler
  • Combustion equipment, fuel storage and charging
  • Flue gas heat exchanger
  • Intermediate flow piece with safety equipment
  • Control system and switchgear
  • Return temperature raising facility
  • Boiler platform

Quick commissioning through pre-assembled containerised systems

Time is money –– particularly for industrial and commercial enterprises, where new heating centres often need to be up and running in the shortest possible time, so that heat for production can be supplied without delay. For time saving installation and commissioning, Viessmann offers pre-assembled containerised solutions that are compact and easy to transport.

Economical cooling with heat pumps up to 600  kW

Large heat pumps are suitable for industry, large residential and office buildings and hotels, among other applications. For industrial and commercial applications, the cooling function of the heat pump is just as important as its heating function – for example, for cooling food storage rooms and providing air conditioning in production areas. This energy system has the particular advantage of being able to heat and cool at the same time.

  • Heat pumps with outputs up to 600  kW
  • Installation possible even in awkward spaces
  • Implementation of dual mode heating systems in combination with an oil or gas condensing boiler to cover peak loads

System modules

  • Dry cooler
  • Collectors

Shell boilers supply district heating for 40  percent of households in Chemnitz

Viessmann not only supplies industrial/commercial boilers, but also helps with the implementation of large scale projects in the megawatt range. One example is the complete conversion of the Altchemnitz heating plant. After 40  years of operation, the plant belonging to the eins energie in sachsen power supply utility was in need of modernisation from the ground up. Three Viessmann double flame tube boilers were therefore commissioned at the end of 2018, and now feed up to 100,000  kilowatts into the district heating network, subject to demand, which helps to supply around 40  percent of Chemnitz households with heating and hot water.

  • Fully designed and engineered in 3D
  • 3 structurally identical shell boilers each with an output of 33.3  MWth.
  • 210 tonnes of material transported from Venlo to Chemnitz.
  • Installation of three shell boilers in a relatively small existing boiler hall.
  • Peak demand heating plant with a thermal output of 100  MW.