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Vitocaldens 222-F

Gas compact hybrid appliance

The Vitocaldens 222-F combines highly efficient condensing technology with the use of free environmental energy.

Rated heating output: 1.2 to 19.0 kW
Cylinder capacity: 130 litres
Hybrid Pro Control energy manager
Easy to use Vitotronic control unit

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Futureproof solution

For modernisation too

Hybrid Pro Control energy manager

Automatically determines the most efficient type of operation for the selected operating mode

Integral DHW cylinder

With 130 litre capacity for more DHW convenience

High operational reliability

Through two independent heat generators

Low running costs

By using the most favourable energy source at the time

Heating and cooling in one

Convenient due to reversible design (AC version only)

Heat pump with output control

Via DC inverter and electronic expansion valve for high efficiency in partial load operation

Gas condensing boiler

With Inox-Radial heat exchanger and modulating MatriX cylinder burner

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] of the gas condensing boiler

Up to 98 % (Hs) [gross cv]

Easy to use Vitotronic control unit

With plain text and graphic display

Integral, power saving, high efficiency circulation pumps

For heating circuit and cylinder loading circuit

Web-enabled by Vitoconnect

For operation and service via Viessmann apps (accessories)

Consume self-generated power

Thanks to preparation for optimised power consumption from photovoltaic systems

Smart Grid capability

Ready for the future

Vitocaldens 222-F with outdoor unit

Combines highly efficient condensing technology with the use of free environmental energy:  Vitocaldens 222-F

The  Vitocaldens 222-F compact hybrid appliance makes it possible to find the optimum combination of renewable and conventional energy sources. Constantly fluctuating energy prices mean it is difficult for consumers to make the right decision in favour of both economically and environmentally responsible heating systems that will remain viable in future. The compact hybrid appliance provides a solution with low running costs and low CO₂ emissions for modernising heating systems. This gives the user the greatest possible assurance that the more favourable energy source will be used in each case.

Special features of the  Vitocaldens 222-F

Modernisation with a secure future

Powerful for comfortable and convenient heating and DHW, with compact dimensions and quiet operation. And above all, thanks to the two independent heat generators in the appliance – condensing boiler and heat pump – it is flexible enough for an optimum, futureproof response to developments in energy markets. Efficiency is assured at all times – for example, the Vitocaldens 222-F has an A++ energy efficiency label.

Hybrid Pro Control: The right energy mix for efficient operation

Thanks to Hybrid Pro Control, the control unit recognises, for example, for how long the heat pump will be able to cover the entire heat demand on its own. If this time is exceeded, it will then call for backup from the condensing module.  Hybrid Pro Control automatically determines the timing and responds accordingly: it uses the currently set energy prices for electricity and gas to calculate which energy source can be used most efficiently at any given time. Hybrid Pro Control  maintains an overview of the entire system at all times. The integrated  energy manager automatically determines the most efficient operating mode (economy or ecology and comfort).

Meeting all your needs: DHW convenience with integral loading cylinder

The DHW loading cylinder with a capacity of 130  litres provides sufficient DHW at any time – even when demand is high. Ideally, the hot water is generated economically using the heat pump.

Compact, efficient, quiet: indoor and outdoor units

Integrated into the indoor unit are two heat generators, a DHW cylinder and all the hydraulic components – taking up an installation area of just 0.36  square metres. The weatherproof outdoor unit allows for flexible siting. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the unit can be positioned anywhere as a freestanding unit or mounted on an external wall.

Vitocaldens 222-F with outdoor unit

Product details

Output (kW)

1.2 to 19  kW

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

up to 98  % (Hs) [gross cv]

COP in heating mode

to EN 14511: up to 5.1 at air 7  °C/water 35  °C and up to 4.2 at air 2  °C/water 35  °C

Energy efficiency class

A++ as per Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  811/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions –– low temperature application (W35)


Natural gas and LPG

Application area

Detached houses, new build and modernisation projects


Vitotronic 200 control unit with Hybrid Pro Control, plain text and graphic display, wireless remote control, operation via ViCare app possible

DHW heating

Integral 130  litre DHW loading cylinder

Additional features

Low running costs and high primary energy efficiency due to the heat pump's high share of the annual heat load; prepared for PV system for self-consumption; energy manager automatically determines the most favourable operating mode.

Product cross-section, indoor unit
Product cross-section, outdoor unit
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