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Vitowell easy Premium

Instant Water Heater

The Vitowell easy Premium is an Instant electric water heater equipped with a LED ring, constant temperature control and mechanical ELCB for safety and comfort.

Mechanical ELCB
Constant temperature control
Stepless temperature regulation
Scalding protection

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Mechanical ELCB

For maximum protection against electric shock

Constant temperature control

With electronic temperature system

Stepless temperature regulation

With LED ring

Scalding protection

With shutdown at 55°C

Durable structure

Made of high-quality ABS material

Jet-waterproof casing

In line with IP 25 standard

Equipped with a complete shower accessory kit

For additional convenience

Introducing the Vitowell easy Premium

Vitowell  easy Premium:  Constant temperature and visual LED assistance for shower comfort

The  Vitowell easy Premium water heater is not only equipped with an electronic temperature control to provide you with a constant temperature; in addition, the precise temperature setting is supported by a LED ring.  The LED colour intensity changes with the temperature setting to provide visual contrast on the hotness.

Simple and safe shower pleasure

The innovative Viessmann mechanical ELCB safety switch guarantees complete safety against electrical hazards by means of a mechanical circuit breaker that reacts to any possible electrical leakage. Jet waterproof casing in line with IP25 standard to protect against low water pressure jets from any direction.

Durability and anti-scalding protection

ABS casing for high durability and anti-scalding protection with auto shut-off at 55°C


Check the dimensions of  Vitowell easy instant water heaters in the following overview to assure that the device fits well into your home.

Product details





Water Connection


Weight without pump

1.7 kg

Weight with pump

2.4 kg

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