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Vitowell comfort Premium (Slim)

Storage Water Heater

The Vitowell comfort Premium (Slim) is a durable electric storage water heater that is equipped with additional features for superior durability and user comfort.

Precise LED temperature regulator
Ceramic heating element
Electronic ELCB
Slim and cube design

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Precise temperature regulator

With stepless adjustment and LED ring indicator

Ceramic heating element (Ceratech Technology)

For improved heating performance

Electronic ELCB and splash-waterproof IP X4 casing

For maximum safety

Double-safety thermostats

For protection against overheating

Durable structure

Made of high-quality ABS material

Fast heating time

And high-density PU Insulation for energy efficiency

Large magnesium anode

For protection against water tank corrosion

Available in two design options

Slim or cube design

Introducing the Vitowell comfort Premium

Vitowell  comfort Premium: Increased efficiency and ease of use

Vitowell  comfort Premium is another durable electric storage water heater from the  Vitowell comfort product family which is equipped with additional features for even better durability and user comfort. For  Vitowell comfort Premium water heaters, Viessmann extended the Ceratech Technology anti-corrosion ceramic layer to the heating element, thus further improving durability of the device. On top of this, Premium heaters come with a convenient temperature LED ring   for easily recognizable hot water availability.

Viessmann adopts the exclusive Ceratech Technology® enamel coating formula to extend the durability of its water tanks. The anti-corrosion function performed by the internal water tank ceramic layer has been developed with decades of expertise and continuous improvement of materials and applied technology. The ceramic layer has a particularly high density and a perfectly smooth surface, undergoing a 100% quality check off the production line. Acid corrosion resistance, alkaline resistance, temperature and pressure resistance - all these technical characteristics are in line with the latest German quality standards to guarantee a long-lasting durability of the heater at its core.  

Premium heaters are not only equipped with a ceramic coating of the water tank; also the heating element has been coated. This adds a layer of protection to the heating element and makes both, tank and heating element, more durable.

With the help of a precise temperature regulator, the water temperature of your  Vitowell comfort Premium can be adjustment stepless. A LED ring indicator changes light from orange to blue when the heating process has been completed.

Vitowell  comfort Premium heaters are available in two designs: cube and slim. The slim heater sticks out by its simplistic, modern design. Thanks to its shape, it can also be concealed in a false ceiling. The traditional, compact design makes the cube heater particularly suitable for small bathrooms.


Check the dimensions of  Vitowell comfort Premium water heaters in the following overview to assure that the device fits well into your home.

Vitowell comfort Premium Slim
Dimensions / Capacity20 l
A (mm)630
B (mm)279
C (mm)279
D (mm)100
E (mm)140
F (mm)116
Vitowell comfort Premium Cube
Dimensions / Capacity15 l30 l
A (mm)390471
B (mm)360439
C (mm)342395
D (mm)100100
E (mm)84100
F (mm)97124

Product details


Vitowell  comfort Premium Slim
20 l: 350W/220V

Vitowell  comfort Premium Cube
15 l: 350W/220V
30 l: 500W/220V


Vitowell  comfort Premium Slim
20 l: 9kg

Vitowell  comfort Premium Cube
15 l: 7.6 kg
30 l: 12.0 kg

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