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Vitovent 200-P

Air purification & ventilation system

The Vitovent 200-P ventilation system combines the purification of indoor air with the supply of outdoor air. The result: good air quality and aerosol minimisation.

Air flow rate: up to 800 m³/h
HEPA filters remove 99.99 % of all viruses
Low CO₂ concentration
Meets TÜV Rheinland criteria

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Efficient filtration through HEPA filter

Removes 99.99 percent of all viral aerosols

Dual operation

Combines fresh air supply with indoor air filtration

Heat recovery

Reduces heating costs and protects the climate

Integral automated sensor system

Allows demand-based control subject to CO₂ concentration

Displacement principle

Ensures that fresh air is available exactly where it is needed

Even, draught-free air distribution

With quiet operation ensures a pleasant room climate

Ventilation is independent of the building

Even with windows that cannot be opened

Plug & play allows easy installation

Ideal for rapid retrofitting

Vitovent 200-P air purification and ventilation system

Vitovent  200-P: For effective health protection in enclosed spaces

The  Vitovent 200-P ventilation system combines the purification of indoor air with the supply of outdoor air. The result: good air quality and aerosol minimisation.

There is a high risk of infection from the aerosols that we breathe in and out. Appropriate measures are therefore needed in enclosed spaces to ensure the best possible protection for those present.

Advanced system for effective infection control in enclosed spaces

The coronavirus and influenza bugs spread mainly via tiny aerosols in our breath. This health hazard is significantly increased in rooms with closed windows and doors. Simply airing a room is not enough to combat this hazard. That is why the  Vitovent 200-P ventilation system combines two measures: the purification of indoor air and the supply of fresh outdoor air. This significantly reduces the risk of infection:

  • HEPA filters remove 99.99  % of all viruses
  • Low CO2 concentration
  • Fresh and clean air in all areas of the room

Thanks to the connection to a conventional socket (230  V) and the plug & play concept, the  Vitovent 200-P only takes a few hours to install. This makes it an ideal addition to an existing system and avoids the costly installation of ventilation ducts for air distribution.

Fresh air, automatically when needed

Intelligent sensors permanently monitor the CO2 concentration in the room. The system adjusts the air volume as necessary, depending on the CO2 levels, so there is no need to set time programs or the like.

Continuous ventilation that still saves energy

Thanks to the integral heat recovery and humidity control, very little heating energy is lost compared to window ventilation. What's more, the system ensures a pleasant indoor environment during winter months thanks to the balanced humidity level.

Meets TÜV Rheinland criteria

After extensive testing by TÜV Rheinland, the  Vitovent 200-P was confirmed as compliant with the structural requirements of VDI  6022-1 (1) and the hygiene requirements of VDI  6022-1 for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Product details



Air flow rate

Up to 800  m3/h

Heat recovery

Up to 96  %

Room size

Up to approx. 90  m2

Number of occupants

Up to 30

Filter class

F7 (outdoor air) | HEPA H14 (recirculation air)

Sound pressure level in a typical classroom*

≤  40  dB (A) |  * Volume of the classroom 250  m3, average reverberation time 1  second

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