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Our Viessmann system solutions for residential buildings

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Viessmann offers tailor-made system solutions for all energy sources for use in detached houses and apartment buildings. Our comprehensive range includes condensing boilers for oil and gas, micro CHP units with PEM fuel cells and combined heat and power plants.

The range of renewable energy systems features solar thermal systems for heating domestic hot water and to provide central heating backup and cooling, as well as special boilers for logs, woodchips and pellets. There are also hybrid appliances; heat pumps and ice store systems that exploit energy from the ground, from groundwater or from the ambient air, plus photovoltaic and ventilation systems.

The Viessmann modernisation compass – guiding you to the optimum modernisation solution for your heating system

Modernising a heating system is worthwhile. With our modernisation compass, we show you which technical options you have and how these can pay off for you in terms of heating cost savings and subsidies for the respective energy sources.

Product range

Below you will find an overview of Viessmann's extensive product range. Click on a heading to learn more.

Heat pump

Heat pumps are the first choice for those who want to lower their heating bills and generate heat in a more environmentally responsible way. After all, the environment provides the heat pump with the unlimited and free supply of the energy it needs. This fully-fledged heating system needs very little power for its drives and pumps in order to make this energy available. A heat pump makes you independent of fossil fuels, and in addition, actively contributes towards reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate.

Solar thermal

Viessmann solar collectors meet every requirement for efficient and cost effective central heating backup and DHW heating. With a wide range of flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors, Viessmann provides flexible and individual solutions for the addition of a solar thermal system to any modern heating system.

Photovoltaics and power storage units

Power from the sun –– anyone can generate their own power by installing a Viessmann photovoltaic system. The conversion of free solar energy into power is financially rewarding in relation to self-consumption, and when combined with power storage systems also provides independence from the public grid.

Hybrid heating system

Viessmann combines highly efficient condensing technology with the utilisation of free environmental energy. The Vitocaldens 222-F compact hybrid appliance makes it possible to find the optimum combination of renewable and conventional energy sources. When it comes to retrofitting existing condensing boilers with free environmental energy, Viessmann has the right system for you: The Vitocal 250-S split air source heat pump can be combined with a wall mounted or floorstanding condensing boiler.

Gas heating system

Whether compact, wall mounted gas condensing boilers, floorstanding appliances or medium sized boilers for high heat demands. The Viessmann gas boiler range will meet every expectation for an efficient and economical gas heating system.

Oil heating system

Our oil boiler range will meet your every aspiration for an efficient and economical oil heating system –– whether for use in a detached house or small apartment building. With a wide range of different outputs up to 80  kW, they are also ideally prepared for any application.

Water heaters

The inner surface of a water heater is crucial for hygienic DHW heating. For this reason, Viessmann relies on two high quality materials: Ceraprotect enamel coating for safe, lasting protection against corrosion in the Vitocell  100 range, and stainless steel in the Vitocell  300 range for outstanding hygiene standards. The Vitocell cylinder range offers you the right DHW cylinder for your specific requirements.

Mechanical ventilation

Viessmann mechanical ventilation systems are characterised by their innovative technology. They are durable, reliable and operate particularly quietly. With different equipment levels, they can be employed flexibly in the widest range of applications imaginable, no matter whether in a new building or the modernisation of an existing building.

Electric DHW and heating systems

Convenient DHW heating and heat generation with electricity


The innovative Vitoset range of accessories is perfectly matched to all other Viessmann products and impressively demonstrates Viessmann's system competence.

Heating and system solutions for new build and modernisation projects

Although the reserves of natural gas and oil are limited, global consumption is increasing. At the same time, CO₂ emissions are warming up our atmosphere and leading to climate change. Those who take the long view use fossil fuels sparingly, look to be more efficient in heating, cooling, ventilating and generating electricity, and increasingly rely on renewable energies. On these pages you will find all the information you need about heating for new build and modernisation projects.

Smart Home – intelligent living with Viessmann

One way to save energy is to use smart home solutions and therefore intelligent heating technology from Viessmann. Find out exactly what this can look like here.

Solutions for the housing industry

Our aim: to make climate protection affordable in the housing sector. Here you will find solutions for climate-neutral residential buildings in partnership with Viessmann Climate Solutions SE.

Blauhaus in Mönchengladbach (photo: © Thorsten Arendt Fotografie)

Information for architects

As an architect, you act as an independent advisor. Viessmann is your expert partner in this work. Our information for architects is tailored precisely to your needs and perfectly combines architecture with technology.

Guides and service

Below you will find numerous guides and services that you can use to learn more about an existing heating system or to find out which would be the right one before making a purchase.