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Oil condensing boilers – modern heating technology with high efficiency

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Oil heating systems are still among the most widely used heating systems. No wonder, because the fuel is energy rich and the system is considered safe. However, there are currently more than two million heating systems in Germany that are more than 25  years old. These certainly still reliably provide heating energy and domestic hot water. However, they usually work with outdated heating technology and therefore lower efficiency –– at the expense of the environment. Despite this, it is not absolutely necessary to move away from proven oil heating technology. If homeowners decide to purchase a Viessmann oil condensing boiler, they are making an active contribution to conserving resources and saving energy. This is because the high efficiency means that the fuel oil used is converted into heat more efficiently.

In addition, Viessmann oil condensing boilers come prepared for the future. Operation with renewable energy sources is also possible, which means that users of an oil condensing boiler can make a further contribution to climate and environmental protection. Viessmann has the right oil condensing boiler for every heating requirement. In addition to boilers for detached houses and apartment buildings, the product range also covers commercial and municipal buildings with a higher heat demand.

How oil heating with condensing technology works

When fuel oil is burned, hot flue gases are produced in addition to heat, and in older boilers these are discharged through the chimney into the open air. The heat in the flue gases therefore remains unused. Oil condensing boilers from Viessmann utilise what is referred to as the latent "heat of condensation". This is released when the flue gases cool down and the resulting hot water vapour condenses. In this way, up to 98  percent of the energy contained in the fuel oil is converted into heat. You can also find detailed descriptions of this process in the section How oil condensing technology works.

Energy savings of up to 35 percent plus other benefits

By promptly replacing a technically outdated heating system with a highly efficient oil condensing heating system combined with solar technology, end users could reduce their energy consumption by up to 35  percent. This would translate into ten  percent of Germany's total energy needs, with annual CO₂ emissions being reduced by 54  million tonnes at the same time.

In addition to condensing technology, Viessmann Vitoladens products have numerous other features in common. They stand out with their high reliability and long service life. In addition, all products in this series can be used with a bio-oil mixture (low sulphur EL fuel oil with blends of up to ten percent bio-components). This means that Vitoladens oil condensing boilers are also ideally equipped for future standards.

  • Proven and safe technology offers high security of supply.
  • Up to 98  percent of the energy in the fuel oil is converted into usable heat.  
  • Optimum fuel utilisation reduces emissions.
  • Ecological footprint can be further reduced with a blend of bio-oil.  
  • Combination with environmental heating systems such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems is possible.
  • In combination with renewable energy heating systems, these are eligible for funding.
  • Control via app enables a high level of operating convenience.
  • Under certain conditions, guarantee services can be extended.

No general obligation to replace

Modernising an oil heating system that's running on outdated heating technology makes sense from both an economic and an ecological point of view. Combination with renewable energies for central heating backup is recommended and, above all, futureproof.  

Vitoset fuel oil tanks for your new oil condensing heating system

A complete oil condensing heating system also includes economical, space saving and problem-free fuel oil storage. For new build, extensions or renovations, a fuel oil tank from the Vitoset range is always a safe solution for your oil condensing boiler – in detached houses or apartment blocks as well as for residential complexes, commercial buildings or municipal projects.

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