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Vitopure Series

Water Softeners and Purifiers – Keeping your water clean

Robust water treatment devices that dramatically improve the quality of your tap and drinking water.

Municipal water supplies usually contain sediments, minerals and other substances that make water hard and unclean which, in turn, contaminates household water devices. For instance, limescale build-up chokes the water faucets and makes it harder for water to travel. Hard water is also harmful to your skin and hair.

Designed in Germany, Vitopure water filters and purifiers can significantly improve the quality of your tap water. The result is purer, softened water which benefits your physical well-being, refines skin and hair, and increases the cleanliness of food. Water filtration with  Vitopure products also extends the life of all appliances that use water, such as dishwashers, washing machines, showers and more. With the S4 water filters series, Viessmann has gone a step further with high-level filtration technology that makes your tap water even more potable than ever.

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Choosing the most suitable water filters for your house or apartment

Vitopure water filters and purifiers may be installed as stand-alone devices or as product combinations for optimum water filtration and softening. From safe and basic shower and tap water filters for DIY installation, to more complex filtration system for household water, Viessmann water filtering technology is so reliable that you can have peace of mind with the drinkability of water.

Reliable filtration

Vitopure filtration technology adopts different ways and filter combinations to guarantee that your home water is treated in the most efficient way. Viessmann uses different filters, like a highly absorbent activated carbon filter, a washable stainless steel mesh filter and the efficient KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filter which can even remove heavy metals and prevent growth of viruses or bacteria.  Vitopure water filters and softeners work at a flow rate which is ideal for their individual purpose.

Vitopure drinking water purifiers: technology you can rely on

Water purifiers from Viessmann take water filtration to the next level. Our water filters are closed systems which prevent the entry of external contaminants before the filtration process starts. Thanks to our proficient filtration technology, which uses a broad variety of filter materials and techniques, water can be free not just from sediments, but also heavy metals, viruses and bacteria.

Vitopure purifiers: for clean and soft household water

If you look closely at your dishes and spigots, you will likely notice limescale and other deposits build up over time. A closer inspection will reveal the same in your washing machine, dishwasher, and other household water appliances. All of them have one thing in common, which is a surface where water dries out and leaves behind a film of mineral residue. That is where the  Vitopure water purifiers from Viessmann come in - to remove contaminants from your household water. The softening and filtering process prevents sediments, rust, algae and other particles from entering your water supply by purifying your water at the point of entry or point of use.

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