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Vitocell 100-B

Dual mode DHW cylinder

Steel DHW cylinder, with Ceraprotect enamel coating, with two indirect coils, cylinder capacity: 300, 400, 500, 750, 950 litres (photo: type CVB, 400/500 litres)

Corrosion-protected cylinder
Additional cathodic protection
Easy integration of solar systems
The entire water content is heated

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Corrosion-protected cylinder

Steel with Ceraprotect enamel coating

Additional cathodic protection via magnesium anode

Impressed current anode available as an accessory

Dual mode DHW heating with solar collectors

The heat from the solar collectors is transferred to the DHW via the lower indirect coil.

The entire water content is heated

Via indirect coil reaching down to the cylinder floor

High DHW convenience

Due to rapid, even heat-up via large indirect coils

Two indirect coils connected in series

For mono mode DHW heating with a heat pump

Low heat losses

Thanks to highly effective all-round thermal insulation

Removable thermal insulation

For easier handling of the Vitocell 100-B with 400 or 500 litre capacity

Immersion heater upon request

Upon request, an immersion heater can be supplied or retrofitted.

Integral immersion heater

For Vitocell 100-W type CVE in Vitopearlwhite

Available in Vitosilver and Vitopearlwhite

Type CVBC available in Vitosilver and Vitopearlwhite (as Vitocell 100-W), all other types only in Vitopearlwhite

Vitocell  100-B  – steel DHW cylinder with Ceraprotect enamel coating

With two  indirect coils; the lower one receives heat input from the solar collectors and the upper one is used for reheating by the heat generator as required.

Product cross-section

Cylinder capacity
  • Type CVBC: 300  litres
  • Type CVE: 300  litres
  • Type CVB: 400 and 500  litres
  • Type CVBB: 750 and 950  litres
Energy efficiency class
  • Type CVBC, 300  litres: B
  • Type CVB, 400/500  litres: B
  • Type CVE, 300  litres: C
Product cross-section Vitocell 100-B type CVB (400 litres)
Product cross-section Vitocell 100-W type CVE (300 litres)
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