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Vitodens 100-W/111-W

Wall mounted gas condensing boiler

Vitodens 100-W wall mounted gas condensing boilers (system boiler and combi boiler) and Vitodens 111-W.

Rated heating output: 3.2 to 32 kW
Attractive price/performance ratio
Simple and intuitive operation
H₂ ready 20 %

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Very attractive price/performance ratio

With reliable Viessmann product quality

Durable and efficient

Thanks to Inox-Radial heat exchanger

MatriX-Plus burner

With Lambda Pro Plus combustion controller for consistently high efficiency and clean combustion

Simple and intuitive operation

Via LCD screen with 7-segment display and touch buttons; alternatively via mobile device

Web-enabled via integral WiFi interface

For more convenience, energy savings and security with ViCare

Natural gas with 20 % hydrogen content

Certified for 20 % hydrogen content in natural gas

Vitodens 100-W/111-W is the intelligent energy centre for the most exacting of requirements

Vitodens  100-W/111-W:  very attractively priced wall mounted boiler for apartments and detached houses

Compact and efficient wall mounted gas condensing boilers with a very attractive price/performance ratio

As a large-scale manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of wall mounted boilers, we know what matters. Viessmann product quality is something you can rely on, and the attractively priced  Vitodens 100-W and  Vitodens 111-W (with integral 46  litre stainless steel loading cylinder) are no exception. Viessmann wall mounted boilers are well known for innovative technology and performance, but their reliability and durability are renowned.

Thanks to advanced assemblies, this wall mounted gas condensing boiler is extremely compact and can be installed even in small recesses. No side service clearances are required, since all the connections are easily accessible from the front. This makes  Vitodens wall mounted boilers ideal for modernisation of apartments or detached houses.

Equipped for the future

The technology that enables the use of natural gas/hydrogen blends for heating buildings is already available and on the market in many thousands of cases. In principle, the gas condensing boilers of the latest  Vitodens 100 generation can already be operated with 20 percent hydrogen today. Home and apartment owners who opt for these modern wall mounted and compact appliances are therefore ideally equipped for the future.  Learn more about  climate-neutral heating with hydrogen.

Special features of the  Vitodens 100-W and  Vitodens 111-W

The MatriX-Plus burner:  the heart of your heating system

Among the benefits of the MatriX-Plus burner are its efficient operation, quiet running and low emissions.  The special stainless steel MatriX surface is resistant to high temperatures, which ensures reliable performance and a long service life.  

Another technical innovation is the Lambda Pro fully automatic combustion controller. It automatically adapts to all gas types and ensures consistently clean and efficient combustion.

MatriX-Plus burner

Stainless steel Inox-Radial:  efficient and durable

Stainless steel makes all the difference. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger is at the heart of the  Vitodens 100-W/111-W. It converts the consumed energy into heat very efficiently. In addition, the highly durable, high grade stainless steel ensures reliability.

Inox-Radial heat exchanger made from stainless steel

Product details

Output in kW

3.2 to 25  kW

Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]

98  % (Hs) [gross cv]

Energy efficiency class



Natural gas, LPG, 20  % hydrogen mixture

Application area

Detached/terraced houses, apartments, for new build and modernisation projects


Simple and intuitive operation via LCD screen with 7-segment display and touch buttons; alternatively via mobile device. Web-enabled thanks to integral WiFi interface for more convenience, energy savings and security with ViCare.

DHW heating

The  Vitodens 111-W with integral 46-litre stainless steel loading cylinder

Additional features

MatriX-Plus burner with Lambda Pro combustion controller for permanently high efficiency and clean combustion. Certified for 20  % hydrogen content in natural gas.

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