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Warranty information for Viessmann products

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All Viessmann water solutions are eligible for warranty. Please refer to the respective sections below for more warranty information on water heaters and water purifiers.

Warranty summary for storage water heaters

Warranty TypeClassicPremiumDeluxe
Tank leak6 years8 years12 years
Heating element2 years2 years10 years
Spare parts2 years2 years2 years

Warranty summary for instant water heaters

Warranty TypeClassicPremiumDeluxe
Heating element3 years5 years5 years
Spare parts1 year2 years2 years

Warranty terms for Vitowell water heaters

  • The warranty is only valid if the product is registered here.
  • The warranty mentioned above only applies if there is damage to parts due to manufacturing defects, not because of use.
  • The warranty covers manufacturing faults and failure of the product to operate properly due to defects in certain parts.
  • The warranty does not guarantee that the buyer is free from repair costs or spare parts costs. There are situations where Satya can charge these fees to consumers such as the discovery of elements of user negligence, intentional elements, and other elements that arise outside of technical matters.
  • The guarantee does not apply if the damage occurs due to natural disasters, riots, theft, destruction, intentional elements, damaged product seals, changes in goods due to service outside of Satya, and things beyond human power.
  • The guarantee is only to replace damaged spare parts and the maximum replacement of each spare part is only once.

Do you need help with identifying the right model?

If you are not sure which model your Vitowell water heater is, or how you can find the serial number, please find help  here.

Warranty coverage for Vitopure water purifiers

The Warranty specified herein is only valid and applicable to Vitopure water purifiers purchased directly or from authorised dealers in Indonesia.

  • Coverage:  The warranty covers product faults from the manufacturer and inoperability device properly due to damage to certain parts.
  • Period: The warranty covers a 24 months period upon purchasing and registration of the product.  
  • Registration:  Customer must register their product in the "ASG Service" app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store and App store,  to obtain the warranty on their products.
  • Support: Please call  Customer Care 1500-839.

Warranty Terms

  • Upon purchasing and registering your water purifier through the "ASG Service" app or WhatSapp, the waranty covers against manufacture defects provided that the product has been received, tested, and found to be non-functioning.  
  • In addition to addressing any technical issues with the unit, our warranty includes the option for a technician to repair or replace at our option without charges.  However, please note that any replacement required beyond addressing manufacturing defects may incur additional charges.
  • The Warranty applies only when the product has been registered in the "ASG Service" app.
  • The Warranty is provided only on defects in defective parts and the maximum replacement is only once for each spare part.
  • The Warranty only applies to the product, does not cover other losses that may arise as a result of product use.
  • The Warranty does not apply if:
    • The quality of water, electricity or other sources do not match product specifications
    • Use and care of products that are not suitable or not recommended in the user guide
    • Repairs are carried out by technicians or service centers not appointed by PT Aditya Sarana Graha
    • Damage to units product by natural disasters
    • Damage to the product caused by shipping, human or not caused by the product itself.

Do you need help with identifying the right model?

If you are not sure which model your Vitopure water purifier is, or how you can find the serial number, please find help  here.