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Vitovent 300-W

Central mechanical ventilation

The Vitovent 300-W is a central mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery for new build projects.

Air flow rate: 225 to 400 m³/h
Heat recovery depending on type up to 92 %
Filtration of the outdoor air
Intuitive operation via app

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Savings on energy costs

Through high heat recovery

Heat recovery

Up to 92 %

Simple system integration

In conjunction with a Vitocal heat pump

Intuitive and fast operation

Via the app in the system network

Requires little space

Thanks to wall mounting, e.g. above a washing machine

Easy installation

Optional right or left-hand version

Low electricity costs

Due to low power consumption

Thermal comfort

As well as healthy room climate and reduced odour nuisance

Balanced humidity management

Prevents mould growth and damage to the building

More security against burglary

And protection from noise due to closed windows

Filtration of the outdoor air

Beneficial for allergy sufferers

The compact Vitovent 300-W central mechanical ventilation system requires very little space and can be installed above the washing machine, for example.

Vitovent  300-W mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery

Quiet, compact and easy to integrate into a domestic energy system: these are the strengths of the new  Vitovent 300-W mechanical ventilation system. When combined directly with a Vitocal heat pump, it can be conveniently controlled using the ViCare app and a smartphone. The system's internet connection means that trade partners can check that it is functioning correctly via a web browser using the ViGuide app. The  Vitovent 300-W can also be installed independently of this as a standalone system – in the loft, for example.

The special features of the Vitovent 300-W

The central system ventilates with almost no energy loss. It also works extremely energy efficiently. During colder months, the powerful heat exchanger utilises up to 92  percent (at 400  m3/h) and 91  percent (at 325  m3/h) of the latent heat in the extract air to preheat the inrushing fresh air. The integral electric preheating coil ensures continuous frost-free operation even at low outside temperatures.

During the warmer months, the heat exchanger of the  Vitovent 300-W can be bypassed completely via the integral automatic bypass damper. This temperature controlled circuit allows cool outdoor air to enter the interior at night, thereby ensuring a pleasantly fresh environment.

A filtration system featuring an effective optional pollen filter cleans the supply air of allergens and harmful substances. This significantly reduces the growth and spread of mites and mildew, thereby creating an irritant-free indoor environment.

One of the main causes of mould growth is humid indoor air. Mould can harm the health of residents and causes permanent damage to the fabric of the building.

System illustration of mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery

High operating convenience

The following operating methods are possible for the Vitovent  300-C ventilation unit:

  1. Via the Vitotronic  200 (WO1C) heat pump control unit
  2. Via the ventilation programming unit, type LB1 (with convenient graphic display)

Product details

Air flow rate

225 m³/h (type H32S A225 L/R) | 325  m3/h (type H32S C325 L/R) | 400  m3/h (type H32S C400 L/R)

Energy efficiency class to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1254/2014


Heat recovery

Depending on type up to 92  %

Application area

Detached/two-family houses, living space depending on type up to 230/370  m2 | New build

Installation type

Wall mounting

Additional features

The  Vitovent 300-W ventilation unit can be connected directly to the Vitotronic  200 control unit (WO1C) of the heat pump or operated via the ventilation programming unit, type LB1. Automatic bypass for natural cooling. Integral electric preheating coil for continuous frost-free operation even at low outside temperatures. Certified according to the criteria of the Passive House Institute (PHI).

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