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Modules for water treatment for steam boilers

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Water treatment system (photo: © Roeder-Moldenhauer)

In contrast to hot water boilers, steam boilers are continuously supplied with chemically and thermally treated feedwater. In order that the constituents of the water, such as calcium, magnesium, oxygen and carbon dioxide, do not permanently damage the steam boiler over time through pitting corrosion or limescale deposits, it must be supplied with the "right" kind of water, from which these substances have been removed.

Water treatment modules

Viessmann offers various water treatment modules for its steam boilers, depending on the specific requirements and subject to freshwater quality and the amount of condensate where the system is located. The modules provide water softening, chemical dosing and thermal deaeration. Depending on the water quality and the process, either double-pendulum softening systems, complete desalination systems or reverse osmosis systems are employed.

Reverse osmosis system
Double-pendulum softening system

Preserving the value of the steam system

Generally speaking, water treatment reduces corrosion and deposits in steam boiler systems and ensures they operate as intended. It guarantees longer availability through reduced component stress and helps preserve the value of the system. Fully automated operation ensures that the operating mode of the boiler system is in line with requirements for any period you choose. This improves the steam quality and extends the service life of the boiler. As a bonus, operators will notice a significant reduction in running costs.

Fewer TDS and blow-down losses of boiler water also mean less topping up with treated and heated feedwater. Last, but not least, the use of chemicals can be reduced. As a result, less energy is utilised to cover the system's own demands, and maintenance and repair costs are lower.

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