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Vitomax LS

Low pressure steam boiler

The Vitomax LS is a three-pass boiler for generating low pressure steam. It delivers 0.26 to 2.2 t/h.

Output range: 0.26 to 2.2 t/h
Clean combustion
High efficiency over 91.5 %
High steam quality

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Clean combustion

Thanks to three-pass boiler with low combustion chamber loading

Low pressure steam boiler

Output: 0.26 to 2.2 t/h

High efficiency

With over 91.5 %

High steam quality

Thanks to integrated steam drier and large evaporator

Reduced heat losses

Thanks to thermal insulation of the boiler body

Load bearing boiler cover

Simplified installation and maintenance

Reduced planning effort due to matching accessories

If required, also available pre-assembled, plumbed and fully wired ex works

Vitomax  LS –  recommended in commercial, trade and industrial settings

The  Vitomax LS boiler is designed for a permissible operating pressure of 1  bar (high pressure), but this can be reduced to 0.5  bar (low pressure) subject to use. Typical applications for this boiler are in laundries and bakeries, with their need for low steam pressures.

The  Vitomax LS is a compact three-pass boiler for generating low pressure steam in the output range from 0.26 to 2.2  t/h. The design of this boiler has been tried and tested in thousands of applications. This boiler is designed for a permissible operating pressure of 1  bar (high pressure). Subject to requirements, the operating pressure can be reduced to 0.5  bar (low pressure).

Good steam formation and draw-off are ensured by the large water content along with wide clearances between the individual flue pipes, as well as between inbuilt parts and the boiler jacket.

Low material loading due to the fully water-cooled rear reversing chamber and the absence of refractory linings result in an extremely low stress boiler design.

The versatility of the boiler in the event of load fluctuations is judged to be particularly positive and is due to the large water content.

Thanks to the design, residual moisture in the steam is prevented, even in the event of sudden or high steam demand. High quality steam is made available continuously. The large steam chamber, with a correspondingly large evaporator and integral steam drier, supports this flexible functionality.

The very low combustion chamber volume loading in conjunction with the three-pass design enable this boiler to comply with even the strictest of emission limits.

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