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Vitomax LW

Low pressure hot water boiler

Output range: 0.65 to 22.0 MW

Output range: 0.65 to 22.0 MW
High efficiency over 95.5 %
H2 ready 100 %
Wide range of fuel options

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Low pressure hot water boiler

Output range: 0.65 to 22.0 MW

High efficiency

With over 95.5 %

H2 ready

Operation with up to 100 % hydrogen

Wide range of fuel options

Such as hydrogen, natural gas, fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, biogases, bio-oils and many more

Operating pressure

6, 10, 16 bar

Corner stays arranged in pairs

Reduces stress in the boiler

Optimum flame tube geometries

For clean combustion

Longest possible inspection intervals and easy servicing

Due to sufficient inspection and access ports

For use in the manufacturing industry

Can be used in a wide range of industries

Vitomax  LW low pressure hot water boilers from 0.65 to 22.0  MW for commercial application

Hydrogen up to 100  percent

In chemical operations such as the manufacture of chlorine and other industrial processes, most of the hydrogen gas is not used and is released into the atmosphere.  Vitomax boilers, which can run on 100  percent hydrogen with an appropriate burner, offer a cost effective and efficient solution. They also prevent a large quantity of climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Product features

The energy efficient and clean provision of heat, along with high operational reliability and plant availability, are essential requirements for heating centres in large buildings and industrial plants.  Vitomax LW are low pressure hot water boilers for flow temperatures ≤  110  °C and a permissible operating pressure of 6, 10 or 16  bar.

The three-pass boiler features low combustion chamber loading with clean combustion and low nitrogen oxide emissions. In gas operation, the low NOx series have NOx emissions of less than 70  mg/Nm3; in oil operation they are less than 150  mg/Nm3.

A low stress, space saving design ensures good natural circulation and reliable heat transfer. As with the  Vitomax HW, additional boiler pumps are not required, which significantly simplifies the hydraulic connection. The optimum heating surface and smoke tube design ensures low pressure drop on the hot gas side.

All  Vitomax LW low pressure hot water boilers are suitable for the combustion of up to 100  % hydrogen when complying with our framework conditions for the use of H2.

New heating centres for industrial and commercial enterprises often have to be ready for operation within a short time in order to be able to supply heat on schedule. This is particularly true in the case of restructuring or modernisation, when a system is replaced during ongoing operation. In this case, the system operator can rely on Viessmann's proven and reliable technology.

In an industrial/commercial boiler plant, the  Vitomax LW low pressure hot water boiler offers a high level of planning and calculation reliability. As well as guaranteeing highest quality and flexibility, all components are reliably matched. For example, through pre-assembled safety equipment for maximum temperatures of 110  °C.  Accessories include flue gas/water heat exchangers for use in non-condensing and condensing technology, which improve the efficiency of the boiler to over 95.5  percent. Return temperature raising, pressure maintenance and flue components are also available.

In continuous operation,  Vitomax hot water boilers score highly because they are easy to service, thanks to the wear-resistant and water-cooled burner entry point and rear reversing chamber without refractory linings, available on request. This dispenses with the need for a refractory lining drying process, significantly reducing commissioning and servicing times.  The load bearing boiler cover simplifies installation and maintenance, and protects the thermal insulation against damage.

  • Hydrogen up to 100  %: comparable NOx values as in fuel oil/natural gas
  • Fuel oil (EL), NOx emissions (< 150  mg/m3 flue gas possible)
  • Heavy fuel oil, Mazut 100
  • Natural gas, NOx emissions (< 70  mg/m3 flue gas possible)
  • And many others, e.g. biogases/bio-oils or animal fats
  • Food processing industry
  • Fertiliser industry
  • Building material industry
  • Paper industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals
  • Refineries
  • Local and district heating networks

Sample diagram; actual boiler may differ subject to order.

Modularity –– equipment level variations

  1. Burner entry point:  
    a)  Lined (standard)
    b)  Water-cooled –– maintenance-free/wear-resistant (option)
  2. Boiler cover:  
    a)  Without boiler cover / round insulation (standard)
      b)  Walk-on boiler cover prepared for platform mounting (option)
  3. Modular operating platform (option –– only in conjunction with walk-on boiler cover)
  4. Boiler support:  
    a)  Cross plates (standard < 14t boiler weight)  
    b)  Cross plates with longitudinal I-beams (option < 14t boiler weight / standard > 14t boiler weight  
    c)  Full I-beam version (option)
  5. Flue gas collector with outlet to the rear:
    a)  Round version (standard)  
      b) Rectangular version (option)
  6.   Integral heat exchanger and flue gas collector:  
    a)  Non-condensing heat exchanger (option)  
    b)  Condensing heat exchanger (option)  
    c)  Flue gas collector with round outlet ––  Combination of non-condensing and condensing possible
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