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Viessmann Climate Solutions and Pandawara Group Teamed Up for a River Cleanup Initiative, Driving Real Environmental Contributions

A global leader in water solutions, Viessmann Climate Solutions, teamed up with Pandawara Group and successfully collected 3.868kg (3.86 tons) kg/tons of waste during a river cleanup initiative at the Saroja River in Margaasih, Bandung.

Bandung, May 31, 2024 – A global leader in water solutions, Viessmann Climate Solutions, teamed up with Pandawara Group and successfully collected 3.868kg (3.86 tons) kg/tons of waste during a river cleanup initiative at the Saroja River in Margaasih, Bandung on May 26th, 2024. This effort is part of Viessmann's broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment to sustainability and community development and marks the company's first CSR activity in Indonesia.

“In collaboration with Viessmann, we successfully cleaned up a significant amount of waste around the Saroja River, participated by over 63 volunteers. This heavily polluted area has adversely affected the surrounding community and increased the risk of waterborne diseases,” said Muchamad Ikhsan Destian, a member of Pandawara Group.

“The most commonly collected waste included plastic bottles, food packaging, and other non-biodegradable materials. This initiative not only improved our waterways, but also raised awareness about the importance of reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment,” he added.

As part of Viessmann's Climate Champion campaign, young environmentalists, known as the "Climate Champion Warriors", were provided with resources and opportunities to make meaningful contributions to their communities. This initiative has empowered them to become advocates for positive change, driving the momentum of environmental stewardship within their local areas.

Indonesia grapples with a pressing water pollution crisis, as evidenced by data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), which reported the majority of rivers in Indonesia were polluted in 2022. Of the 111 rivers identified, only 8.1% met the quality standards. Meanwhile, 91.9% of other rivers fell into various polluted categories. This data highlights the critical need for initiatives like the River Cleanup Action to restore and protect Indonesia's vital waterways.

“Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Viessmann partnered with Pandawara Group to initiate a cleanup initiative, engaging youth as environmental catalysts with a shared common goal. By empowering young people and fostering public-private partnerships, we aim to create a lasting impact that extends beyond river cleaning. This initiative is part of our effort in helping to build a sustainable future for generations to come in Indonesia,” said Richard Chua, Head of Sales Southeast Asia, Viessmann Climate Solutions.

“To showcase the effectiveness of Viessmann’s water purification solutions, our product showcase truck (Vitotruck) was available on the cleanup day. This mobile unit allowed participants and local residents to try out Viessmann’s purified water, demonstrating the immediate benefits of clean water technology and raising awareness about the importance of water quality,” Richard added.

Viessmann is dedicated to providing clean water in Indonesia through its Vitopure purification systems, ensuring communities have access to healthy water. Looking ahead, Viessmann will continue fostering partnerships and initiatives to address environmental challenges and build resilient communities.

About Viessmann Climate Solutions

We are Viessmann Climate Solutions. Founded in 1917 as a heating technology manufacturer, and now part of Carrier, today we are one of the world's leading providers of efficient and systemic climate (heating, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions for the residential and commercial sector. As a German brand with more than 100 years of history, Viessmann’s industry leadership has helped build a modern and highly integrated ecosystem of solutions that emphasize on safety, ease of use, high-quality design, and durability.

All activities are driven by our company purpose, "We create living spaces for generations to come". This is the responsibility that we take on every day together with our partners. By tailoring our water purification and heating technology to the region's emerging demands, we dedicate ourselves to shaping the landscape of climate solutions and strengthening our commitment to improving living spaces in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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