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Viessmann SEA: First Participation in IndoBuildTech - Indonesia's largest Building Material, Architecture & Interior Exhibition

We are thrilled to share that Viessmann SEA recently participated in the prestigious Indobuildtech (IBT) 2023 exhibition, showcasing our innovative water purification and heating products. As a reputable German-based brand with over 100 years of history, our commitment to sustainable water solutions remains steadfast.

Recognizing the pressing need for clean water in the face of water scarcity and pollution caused by climate change, Viessmann aims to make a positive impact on Indonesian society. We believe that every individual deserves access to clean and safe water, which is why we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet Indonesia's water pollution and sanitation challenges.

During the five-day exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the high-end features and benefits of our purifying and heating products. We showcased our advanced technology and engaged with industry professionals, stakeholders, and consumers. The overwhelming response and engagement further reinforced our position as a leading global provider of advanced water treatment solutions.

We were also honored to collaborate with the community to host a talk show titled "The Water Wellness for Family's Health." Renowned physician Dr. Caessar Pronocitro, along with parenting expert Nucha Bachri, highlighted the importance of clean water for children's well-being and shared practical tips for ensuring access to healthy water. Clean water is not just a luxury but a fundamental requirement for our children's overall development.

In addition to the insightful talk show, we organized a soap-making workshop where attendees learned about the significance of using clean and purified water for personal care. Our aim was to educate and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their family's health and well-being.


A successful exhibition at the IndoBuildTech 2023

The exhibition was a tremendous success, with visitors experiencing the quality and purity of our filtered water firsthand. We also showcased the convenience and features of our water heaters through interactive digital displays, demonstrating the innovative technology behind our products. The positive response from attendees was truly inspiring and reinforced our commitment to driving innovation in the water heating and treatment industries.  

Collaboration for a sustainable future

At Viessmann, we will continue to leverage our sophisticated technology and unwavering commitment to enable universal access to clean and safe water. We are dedicated to supporting the Indonesian government's efforts in making water resources accessible to all while providing reliable and efficient water heating solutions that cater to the diverse needs of Indonesian families. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.  

About Viessmann  

Founded in 1917 in Allendorf, Germany, Viessmann is a fourth-generation family business that is passionate about creating living spaces for generations to come. Now one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions with locations in 74 countries, Viessmann’s German heritage and industry leadership have helped build a modern and highly integrated ecosystem of solutions that emphasize safety, ease of use, high-quality design and durability. An innovation leader offering solutions for both consumer and commercial applications, Viessmann is also strongly invested in sustainable solutions, including the ongoing development of hydrogen technologies that will play a key role in the energy transition towards a net-zero future.


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