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Viessmann Experience Day: Celebrating 105 years of creating the best quality of life

A German-based global leader in water and climate solutions, Viessmann, has been delivering the best quality of life to generations to come for 105 years and has now brought its German heritage to Southeast Asia since April 2021, including Indonesia. Considering the significant opportunities and utilizing the prospective market, Viessmann commits to amplifying its presence by continuously nurturing knowledge on water solutions in the market.

Viessmann's commitment in the SEA market is marked by the upcoming plan to establish facilities to support the market requirements and product improvements. Alexander Ziehe, Managing Director Southeast Asia and Oceania, Viessmann stated, "Viessmann's future expansions in SEA countries include establishing local facilities for R&D, production and quality assurance, extending portfolio by adding further solutions such as industrial solutions, building network of distribution partners across the region to nurture exponential growth, and to achieve our goal to gain a double-digit market share across the region."

Aside from the significant opportunity to thrive in the Indonesian market, the country still sees access to clean and safe water resources as an issue. A study by UNICEF earlier this year reported that almost 70% of Indonesian household drinking water sources are contaminated by fecal waste. In addition, the contamination of E. coli bacteria and other harmful substances such as coliform, chlorine and heavy metals including mercury, iron, arsenic and more as indicated by the Indonesian Statistics Center Agency (BPS).

“This urgency is also what drives us into entering the market to help improve the living conditions of families in Indonesia. Which is why education plays an important role in our strategy to build market understanding and we hope to contribute more. These are all aligned with our company's purpose in creating living spaces for generations to come,” Alexander added.


Aside from the safety and hygiene of the water itself, convenience and practicality are also important factors for today’s rapidly growing middle-class families in Indonesia. It is no secret that Indonesians nowadays prefer showering or bathing with warm water. As such, middle-up families these days would mostly equip their houses with water heaters to enjoy warm showers or baths conveniently.

Viessmann interprets this as a huge potential for the water heater market in Indonesia, while catering to the increasing demand for safe, durable and efficient water heater solutions in the country.


Through the Viessmann Experience Day held earlier this afternoon, Viessmann demonstrated how their water purifiers and softeners deliver a solution for clean and safe water, which includes making tap water potable. In addition to clean water assurance, Viessmann’s water solutions could also reduce people's dependence on bottled and gallon drinking water, offering sustainability and efficiency at the same time.  

During the same event, Viessmann also presented its wide range of water heaters to provide a better picture of each product's features, material, durability and capacities.


Vitopure Series for Clean and Safe Water

Viessmann offers technologically-advanced household and drinking water treatment comprising six Vitopure brand series – the S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6 – all of which present their own distinctive features for washing, showering and drinking purposes in electric and non-electric devices.

The household water treatment products, Vitopure  S1, S2, S5, and S6 series prevent sediments, rust, algae, and other harmful particles from entering the water supply, increase durability and household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. The S3 series, on the other hand, extracts minerals such as calcium and magnesium that can cause scale buildup, thus providing beneficial health benefits to hair and skin.

Viessmann’s drinking water treatment products, the Vitopure  S4 and S4-RO series, apply a multi-stage filtration system, making your tap water at home clean, safe and potable. Both types apply a compressed activated carbon filter that removes color, odor and taste from the water, while the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) compound filter removes chlorine, metals and reduces scaling. They also ensure safety from germs, virus, bacteria as well as suspended articles, insect eggs and sand through diatomite ceramics and PP (polypropylene) fiber filter.

“Depending on the series, the market price for the Vitopure  S1, S2, S3, S5 prices range from Rp360,000 up to Rp24,900,000 depending on the types and capacities of the filtration system, Vitopure  S4 starts at Rp3,000,000, while the S4-RO starts at Rp6,900,000, S5 starts at Rp2,245,000, and S6 starts at Rp600,000” said Ivan Novelibel, Assistant Product Sales Manager of PT Aditya - official distributor for Viessmann.

Vitowell for an Exceptional Warm Shower

Viessmann also offers a line up of water heaters, which includes Vitowell comfort for storage electric heating and  Vitowell easy for instant electric heating – both series deliver integration with water filtering technologies and come in three segments, namely Classic, Premium, and Deluxe to offer consumers with different choices of price and level of convenience.

Both series offer efficiency as they apply high-level precision in temperature regulation with an electronic timer and soft touch display that enables consumers to easily monitor and control the heating level. Most importantly, safety is always among the priority by equipping the Vitowell comfort products with Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) and Double-safety Thermostats to prevent overheating, and also an innovative mechanical ELCB safety switch for the Vitowell  easy series to prevent short circuit as Viessmann puts special attention in ensuring the safety of its users.  

The Vitowell  comfort storage water heaters are built on Ceratech Technology, ceramic heating element and high-quality ABS material that ensures durability and saves the consumers from maintenance and repair hassle. Moreover, the Vitowell  storage heaters serve different capacities depending on one’s needs.   The 10 to 15 liters is sufficient for small families of around 2 - 3 people, the 30 liters is suitable for around 5 people, while the 50 to 100 liters is perfect for homes with bathtubs or bigger families with more than 6 people.

“Indonesian customers would mostly prefer storage water heaters due to electricity capacities at home. As such, the  Vitowell comfort would be the most suitable option, with a range of price   from Rp1,750,000 up to Rp5,815,000 depending on the types and capacities,”   Ryan Limato, Director of PT Satya Dinamika Mandiri, official distributor of Viessmann water heater concluded.

About Viessmann  

Founded in 1917 in Allendorf, Germany, Viessmann is a fourth-generation family business that is passionate about creating living spaces for generations to come. Now one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions with locations in 74 countries, Viessmann’s German heritage and industry leadership have helped build a modern and highly integrated ecosystem of solutions that emphasize safety, ease of use, high-quality design and durability. An innovation leader offering solutions for both consumer and commercial applications, Viessmann is also strongly invested in sustainable solutions, including the ongoing development of hydrogen technologies that will play a key role in the energy transition towards a net-zero future.

About the Partnership with FC Bayern Munich

Viessmann takes the lead in sustainability practices, with measures not only to protect resources for future generations, but also to empower people in realizing a positive impact on climate change. Therefore, Viessmann has become the official sponsor and climate partner of FC Bayern Munich in Southeast Asia with the aim to contribute to a safe, healthy and sustainable climate. The partnership focuses on the sustainable improvement of living conditions such as water and air quality, considerate use of resources, and the promotion of youth.


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