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Vitotrol app

Vitotrol app

Maximum operating convenience with Vitotrol app and smartphone

Convenient heating control
Ideal for domestic applications
Attractively priced and economic to run
All fault messages in plain text
Convenient operation via app

Time and location independent

Ideal for domestic applications

For all buildings and apartments

Can be used with a wide range of Viessmann appliances

Floorstanding and wall mounted boilers, heat pumps and the Vitoligno 300-P wood boiler

Secure data transfer

Via HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption


Attractively priced and economic to run

All fault messages in plain text

To help you understand what's going on

Vitotrol app for control of Viessmann heating systems

Maximum operating convenience with Vitotrol  app and smartphone

With the Vitotrol  app and a smartphone, controlling Viessmann heating systems couldn't be easier. Intuitive and convenient operation via the internet is possible from anywhere and at any time. The Vitotrol  app is available for mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems.

The user can access all key information on the system status at any time. The Vitotrol  app is an extremely convenient way to control heating centres. Users are informed immediately of any deviations from the normal operating status. This gives the user additional control over their heating system.

For app operation, the boiler must be equipped with a Vitotronic  200 control unit. This goes for most of the newer wall mounted appliances as well as small and medium sized boilers, heat pumps and wood boilers.

Download the Vitotrol app

Available for iOS and Android.

Direct access to a wide range of functions

The Vitotrol  app controls the heat distribution with up to three heating circuits and domestic hot water provision. Users have access to numerous Vitotronic  control functions:

  • Selecting the operating program
  • Adjusting the set temperatures for central heating and DHW
  • Selecting the holiday program
  • Time programs for central heating, DHW heating and DHW circulation
  • Display of operating parameters, including all important temperatures
  • Displaying efficiency data, including solar yield and hours run

The combination of Vitocom 100 (type  LAN1) and the Vitotrol app also allows Viessmann trade partners to monitor their customers' heating systems and respond immediately in the event of a fault. If a fault occurs, the boiler sends a message directly to the trade partner's smartphone.

The Vitotrol  app and Vitocom  100 (type LAN1) TeleControl system is suitable for all domestic heating systems, offering real benefits in terms of added reliability and convenience. It monitors the current operating status of the heating centre around the clock.

To prevent third parties from accessing the heating system control unit, all data is securely transferred via HTTPS protocol with SSL encryption.

If interested, the Vitotrol app can also be downloaded without connection to a real system. The extensive range of functions can be tested in demo mode using a simulated Viessmann heating system.

Stay connected with Vitocom  100

The Vitocom  100 communication module (type LAN1) is the interface between the heating system and the internet. Vitocom features high security standards to prevent data misuse. The module also establishes contact with the Viessmann Vitodata  server, through which the Vitotrol app gains access to the heating centre control unit.

Vitocom 100 interface

System configuration for controlling the heating system via the Vitotrol app.

Vitotrol app system configuration

The mobile devices (1-4) require a WiFi or mobile communications connection.

  1. Vitotrol app
  2. iPod Touch
  3. Smartphone (iOS or Android)
  4. Tablet (iOS or Android)
  5. Internet and Vitodata  server
  6. DSL router
  7. Vitocom 100, (type LAN1)
  8. Boiler
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