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ViGuide app

Service app for trade partners

Remotely monitor all of your customers' systems from anywhere. As the central control tool, ViGuide is a vital part of your toolbox.

Remote monitoring
Immediate action
Web application or app
Map view to help you plan your route

ViGuide connects you conveniently and quickly with your customers. 

Monitor your online installations remotely and deal with problems as soon as they occur. As a web application and mobile app, ViGuide is accessible anywhere, any time and on any device without needing updates.

It lets you perform a range of important tasks more efficiently, expand your portfolio of customer services and boost customer satisfaction. All you need is a heating system with a connected gateway (Vitoconnect or new electronic platform) and a customer who uses the ViCare smartphone app.

Your customers can rest assured that you always have a remote eye on their facility, ensure that it runs perfectly and can quickly rectify any problems, in some cases even before they occur.

Works remotely and on site. Works on any mobile device. Works in all use cases. Software that grows in line with your business.

All of this makes ViGuide your number one online services tool!


ViGuide puts the power of data in your hands so you can do more with less. The new Plus and Pro packages expand your range of possibilities beyond basic monitoring, control and fault diagnosis.

Visit  for the full list of functions available

Free commissioning, parts replacement, remote monitoring and basic controls for all your connected heating systems.

The single-use package provides data-driven insights that help you quickly diagnose and fix problems as they occur, both remotely and on site.

Annual comprehensive service coverage & maintenance package that helps you identify problems before they occur and provides tips on how to optimise system performance.

Dashboard & remote monitoring

  • Now you'll always have an overview of your customers' installation progress. Vitoguide tells you what's working correctly and which systems have faults that need to be rectified. Click a heating system to select it and see all relevant information about customer and system.
  • In the administration area, you can add and remove installers and manage your account settings.
  • The App Switcher lets you quickly jump to your most frequently used Viessmann apps, such as the PartnerShop online ordering system, the spare part app or ViBooks for installation manuals and other product documentation.
  • Vitoguide lets you and your employees access all Viessmann training content and courses of the online learning space platform.
  • All important system information is easy to find. This includes: Customer name and contact details, heating system type and model, operating status, serial number and gateway number. All these details are right at your fingertips.
  • Vitoguide also reports other information such as burner status, operating time, number of starts, outside temperature, boiler water temperature and WiFi signal strength.
  • As far as available for the system, Vitoguide also determines gas and electricity consumption as well as solar thermal data.
  • With Vitoguide, you can change a number of settings of your customer's heating system remotely:
  • Individual heating circuits (e.g. heating curve parameters), DHW set temperatures and heating schedules by day and time.
  • To solve connection problems with any type of gateway (e.g. Opto, OpenTherm or Viessmann heating systems with new electronic platform), restart the gateway.
  • If your client is not at home for a longer period of time, you can switch the system to the holiday program for reduced operation.
  • View details of each fault and call up a description of the cause and action recommended by Viessmann.
  • View a system events history with details of who made the changes and when.
  • A direct link to the spare parts (ET) app lets you order the exact parts you need to complete the job.
  • Viessmann also makes it easier for your customers to carry out maintenance work and avoid problems before they arise. Order the parts you need to complete the maintenance with just one click. Your order includes all the parts you'll need for the heating system in question –– no need for a time-consuming search for parts with the risk of forgetting a vital component.

Do you look after several customers who are distributed over a wider area? Do you want a geographic overview of all the systems in your area? The map view helps you plan the most efficient routes between customers. For further details on a system and to view its status, simply click on it on the map.

Now you can get contact and support from Viessmann's Technical Service (TD) even faster and easier. Just open a ticket and set a time for a technician to call you back or queue for customer service assistance. You will always be notified of the current waiting time. You'll get the answers you need to solve your customers' heating problems faster.

Mobile app

The ViGuide mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It will continue to enable you, as partners, to commission a Viessmann heating system with a new electronic platform. This includes Vitocal Heat Pumps, Vitocharge battery storage, ventilation systems and combinations of those devices. It will also let you perform other important tasks:

  • Taking a heating system online
  • Commissioning ViCare components
  • Performing guided parts replacement
  • Monitoring all online systems

Video: Using ViGuide mobile

ViGuide – the most important tool in your kit

Download the ViGuide app

Available for iOS and Android.

Smart Home components

You have taken your customer's heating system online either with a Vitoconnect Gateway or with a new Viessmann boiler featuring the Viessmann One Base electronic platform. Your customer uses ViCare to control their central heating and DHW heating and want you, as their contractor, to monitor these remotely using ViGuide. What happens next? With the Viessmann Smart Climate System, which consist of a climate sensor and eTRVs, homeowners can control the temperature in individual rooms where the components are installed. With ViGuide, you can support them in making the room settings and commissioning the appliances.

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