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Tips for carrying out the pre-winter heating system check yourself

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Make sure your heating is winter ready

Admittedly, when it's still nice and warm outside, you rarely give the heating system a second thought. But you really should consider testing your heating system before winter comes. The Viessmann heating check makes it a quick and easy process.

The following brief guide is an example of the steps involved in the heating check. Please refer to the operating instructions for your heating system to see what operating steps need to be performed on the heating controller.

Here's how simple it is to check your heating

  • Press the party mode button until the temperature display flashes.
  • Set the temperature to 35  °C.
  • Press OK to confirm.

Set room controller or thermostat to maximum

For a radiator, wait half an hour before checking if it is getting warm. For underfloor heating, wait at least 1.5  hours before checking for correct function.

End the test by pressing the party button repeatedly.


Bleeding radiators, checking system pressure

You can easily identify two common reasons why "it doesn't get properly warm" yourself. And with a little technical knowledge, you can fix it yourself, too.

If the radiators gurgle or make a noise, this usually indicates air in the system. In this case, the only thing that helps is bleeding. You can find information on this under "Bleeding radiators" at
Checking the system pressure The correct water pressure is vital for efficient functioning of the heating system. The "optimum pressure" is shown by the "green area" on the pressure display. For information on topping up, see "Heating system water pressure" at

Operating instructions

Look in the operating instructions under "Comfort mode".

Look in the operating instructions under "Party mode".

Look in the operating instructions under "Party mode".

The operating instructions for your Viessmann product can be found in our ViBooks database.

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