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Operate a heat pump with photovoltaics and become more independent

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Heat pumps use electrical energy to make the heat stored in the earth, water or air available. By combining it with a photovoltaic system, a considerable part of the electricity required can be generated from solar energy. This means more independence from power supply utilities and lower electricity costs. But it's not only the heat pump that can be operated with solar power. Self-consumption is also possible with household appliances, consumer electronics and electric vehicles. To ensure efficient operation, however, all components must be optimally matched. In addition, a power storage unit is also needed to ensure optimal supply. Viessmann offers corresponding system solutions that combine heat pumps with photovoltaics (PV) and enable innovative energy management.

Viessmann system solutions for high levels of self-sufficiency and efficiency

Using renewable energies conserves resources and reduces emissions. However, it does not only make sense from a climate protection perspective. The degree of  energy independence  can be increased by using environmental energy and solar power. Rising energy prices thus play a lesser role. This means greater planning security, even during potential  energy crises.

The combination of Viessmann heat pump and photovoltaic system creates the optimal basis for this.  Vitocal  heat pumps extract thermal energy from the air or the ground. Thanks to the different designs and output stages, they can be used in a variety of ways – in new build as well as in existing buildings. Photovoltaics  can be retrofitted to a Viessmann heat pump or planned directly. This is particularly convenient with a Vitovolt complete system. In addition to the modules, the  photovoltaics packages  also include the mounting system and inverters. The latter converts the direct current produced by the photovoltaic system into alternating current and thus makes it usable in the household. Complementary components such as power storage units increase the efficiency of the overall system.

Innovative energy management for heat pump and photovoltaics

How high are the electricity yields of the photovoltaics, the consumption of the heat pump, level of self-sufficiency and independence? For a comprehensive overview and to uncover optimisation potential, Viessmann offers innovative solutions for energy management.

Control and record energy flows via a platform

The system, consisting of a heat pump with photovoltaics and a power storage unit, achieves maximum efficiency with Viessmann  One Base. The new platform networks Viessmann systems with existing smart home applications to create a single climate and energy solution that can be easily expanded, such as with a wallbox for charging an electric car. All digital Viessmann services can also be integrated into One Base. Members of the  ViShare Energy Community  receive a customised electricity flat rate. They also obtain 100 percent green electricity from the community even if their own yield is insufficient. The heat pump and photovoltaics as well as other components are controlled via the  ViCare app  using a smartphone or voice control.  Learn more about the benefits of digital networking in the following video:  

All data on electricity-based system components at a glance whenever needed

The  GridBox  connects all the electricity-based components of a Viessmann energy system, making it the ideal complement to a power storage unit, heat pump and photovoltaic system. The Energy Dashboard visualises the energy flows of the individual system components and, in addition to current system data, provides daily trends and weekly reports that offer insights into energy balances and the CO2 reduction of the system. At the same time, the optimisation function helps to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in the interaction of the individual components.

Planning a heat pump with photovoltaics correctly

If you want to operate a heat pump with photovoltaics, both components should be matched, with each other and with the individual conditions. The design of the photovoltaic system plays a key role in this. It determines the yield and thus impacts how well the heat pump is supplied with solar power – even in winter. It should always be the result of an individual calculation that, in addition to the  heating load calculation, also takes into account the consumption behaviour of the building's occupants. Our experienced partners are reliable contacts when it comes to designing photovoltaic systems with heat pumps. With their expertise, they also provide information on possible and necessary measures to ensure that all the prerequisites are in place for the new energy system. This can be particularly important if a heat pump with photovoltaics is to be installed in an older building.

Product range

Viessmann offers system solutions comprising heat pumps, photovoltaics and power storage unit for existing and new buildings. Due to the large number of variants and power classes, the solutions are suitable for detached houses as well as for larger buildings and for industrial, commercial and local authority use.  

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