VITOPURE S4 series: Your healthy life, with pure water care

S4 drinking water purifiers guarantee you peace of mind for the drinking water at home. No matter how your water supply system is set up, the S4 series, with its multi-stage filtration and purification system, will provide you high-quality drinking water at home.

With its compact size, flexible installation methods, and premium design, the S4 series will allow you to avoid buying drinkable water outside your home and greatly improve your living standards.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Provides healthy drinking water 
  • Removes germs, virus, bacteria
  • Effectively absorbs Chlorine and Chloroform
  • Removes chemicals, pesticide, or other pollutants 
  • Removes heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc. 
  • Removes odor in the water
  • Keeps mineral elements
  • Not limited by power plug connection 
  • Compact size
  • Easy and flexible installation, e. g. countertop, wall hung, or under sink
  • Flow rate setting as a reminder to change the filter

The S4 drinking water purifier can ensure your drinking water at home peace of mind. The S4 products with its multi-stage filtration and purification system will provide you with high-quality drinking water where you need it most at home.

The S4 series has a compact size, flexible installation method, and high-quality design, which allows you to save the possibility of buying drinking water outdoors and greatly improve your living standards.