VITOPURE S1 Series: Your healthy life, with pure water care

The VITOPURE S1 series water pre-filtration products will greatly improve the overall quality of your domestic water. With seamless installation at the point of use, these S1 series products will provide much higher water quality which helps improve the lifetime of your appliances that use this water. Moreover, it will prevent particles of every kind from entering the water stream.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Protects downstream water appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, coffee machines, water purifiers, etc.
  • Increases lifetime and reduce failure rate for all appliances that use this water
  • Removes algae, suspended particles, insect eggs, etc. 
  • Provides cleaner water
  • Blocks dirt, sand, and other sediments
  • Filters out rust, hair, insects, and fibers
  • Protects skin and hair for sanitary useImproves food wash safety

Pre-filter water softeners are used to catch large sediments from water or air in general. They extend the lifetime of secondary, smaller ranged filters which are used to remove small particles. Pre-filter water softeners can remove physical impurities and discoloring chemicals (such as manganese and iron). The filter has a high-capacity so you don’t have to replace it very often.