VITOPURE softeners and purifiers: a needed benefit for every household

Before you clean with water, clean your water!

If you look closely at your dishes and spigots, you will sometimes see some scaling or buildup over time. A close inspection will reveal the same in your washing machine, dishwasher, and other similar appliances. All of them have one thing in common: a surface where water dried out, leaving behind a film of mineral residue. 

The VITOPURE water softener and purifier is a domestic water filtration system that offers a diverse and complete water purification solution for your family. It assures a steady stream of softened and sanitized water that is ideal for washing, laundry, shower systems, and home appliances. It also ensures that your water supply is purified for drinking and cooking purposes.

VITOPURE softeners and purifiers are easy to install and maintain. Built with premium design, high safety standards, and ease of use, they also have filtration systems that can fit any domestic use and unique family needs.

Choosing the right combination based on your unique needs

The VITOPURE water softeners and purifiers offer a complete solution for all domestic water applications. They provide a wide range of benefits, from enhancing the performance and efficiency of your appliances to saving on maintenance costs. They also help to protect your family from unclean drinking water which prevents the onset of various health issues. What is more, clean and purified water free of minerals can give you smoother skin and silkier hair.

Viessmann’s range of VITOPURE water softener and purifier products can guarantee clean water for cleaning, cooking, washing, drinking, or showering. It is a complete solution for all your domestic needs.


The VITOPURE product line: