VITOPURE S5: Better water quality for cooking, bathing and cleaning

Viessmann is offering two solutions for central water purification in your whole home: electric and non-electric. When you don’t have access to electricity for your water filtration products, the non-electric S5 purifier will be your choice to clean your water centrally. S5 purifiers are installed under the sink so that kitchen space is not limited by the filter.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Non-electric water filter which can be invisibly installed under the sink
  • Effectively absorbs chlorine and chloroform
  • Filters calcium and other minerals for better durability of household appliances
  • Removes sediments
  • Neutralizes odor and colors

Multi-stage filtration

S5 water purifiers are available in three different variants which differ in the number of filter stages, ranging from two up to four stage filtration. The filters work at the point of entry, either stand-alone or as part of a filtration system. All S5 variants are using the PP fiber and the coconut carbon filter. 3-stage filtration includes a compressed activated carbon filter while 4-stage filtration adds on an activated carbon filter with scale inhibition. Altogether, the filters remove sediments, chlorine, calcium as well as odor and color.

Comparison of different variants


  S5-D S5-T S5-Q
Filtration Sediments Sediments, neutralization of odor and colour  Sediments, minerals, neutralization of odor and colour
Filter technology PP fiber filter Coconut shell carbon filter PP fiber filter Coconut shell carbon filterCompressed activated carbon filter PP fiber filter Coconut shell carbon filterCompressed activated carbon filterActivated Carbon + FOF
Weight (kg) 2.85 4.3 6.5

VITOPURE S5 Specification


Sediments filtration
Chlorine filtration
Calcium filtration
Virus/bacteria filtration
Heavy metals filtration
Odor neutralization
Color neutralization
Flow rate
5 m³ per hour
Working pressure
0.1-0.65 MPa
Inlet/outlet connection
DN 20
Drainage pipe connection
Working temperature
1-39 °C
Power input
not needed
Power output
not needed