VITOPURE S3 series: Your healthy life, with pure water care

The S3 series of central water softeners guarantee an efficient softening effect on the water entering your home. With large water volume capacities, the S3 appliances effectively remove scaling issues in all you water-using appliances and at every point of use in your home.

When preparing food, having a bath, or with another appliance using water, the S3 installed at the entry point of the water supply makes everyday use of water easier and protects the entire house from the inconveniences of scaling formation.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Removes calcium and magnesium, thus reducing the water hardness level
  • Protects skin and hair
  • Solves scaling problem, keep efficient running for home appliances like water heater, and also reduce failure rate
  • Less detergent use means environment protection
  • Protects plant soil getting hard

VITOPURE S3 series central water purifiers catch sediments from water or air. They extend the longevity of secondary, smaller ranged filters which are used to remove small particles. 

Central water purifiers can remove chemicals that affect taste, physical impurities and discoloring chemicals such as manganese and calcium.