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Vitocal 250-A PRO

Large heat pump

Air source heat pump in monoblock design for large family houses and apartment buildings as well as commercial applications.

Nominal heating output: 39.5 kW
Heating, cooling and water heating with one appliance
For monovalent or bivalent operation
Available as cascade solution for higher output

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Nominal heating output

up to 39.5 kW heating output

Low-noise mode

Low sound emission allows for installation in densely populated areas

Cooling Function

Heating, cooling and water heating with one appliance

High output through cascade arrangement

Cascade arrangement with up to four appliances for one indoor unit (coming soon)

Cylinder loading system/pump

for water heating

Integration into the building management system (BMS)

Monitoring and control of the heat pump and the hydraulic system from a centralised control centre

Suitable for modernisation projects

Due to 70 °C flow temperature (at an outside temperature of up to -2 °C)

Compact dimensions

Space-saving outdoor installation

Factory pre-installation

including switching, control and safety equipment

Vitocal 250-A PRO air source heat pump for an apartment building

Vitocal 250-A PRO – large heat pump for detached houses, apartment buildings and commercial applications  

The Vitocal 250-A PRO compact air source heat pump provides heating, cooling and hot water. For this purpose, the sound-insulated outdoor unit quietly and efficiently uses the outdoor air as a heat source. A scroll compressor with variable output adjustment and electronic expansion valves ensure a flow temperature of up to 70 °C with very high efficiency, leading to low consumption costs.  

With variable output adjustment, the Vitocal 250-A PRO is a heating and cooling solution that can be tailored to individual project requirements in larger residential and commercial buildings and businesses. One appliance generates up to 39.5 kW of heating output. A cascade arrangement with up to four appliances is designed to accommodate larger outputs. Only one indoor unit is required for this.  

The indoor unit of the Vitocal 250-A PRO has many different functions. Up to three mixed heating/
cooling circuits and a seasonal buffer cylinder are included. DHW can be produced using a cylinder loading system or pump. Instead of a DHW cylinder, the Vitotrans 353 freshwater module can also be used, which conveniently produces DHW according to the instantaneous water heating principle.

If required, an external heat generator can be integrated to cover the peak load.  

This enables the heat pump and the hydraulic system to be monitored and controlled from
a central control centre. All essential values can be checked and adjusted from anywhere via a standard BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP connection. Alternatively, hardware contacts are available for external control.  

VItocal 250-A PRO in an apartment block

Product details

Vitocal 250-A PRO type

AWO-AC-AF 251.A40 

Heating performance data to EN 14511 (A7/W35)

39.5 kW

Cooling performance date to EN 14511 (W7/A35)

26.0 kW

Refrigerant circuit

– Number of compressors: 1
– Number of refrigerant circuits: 1
– Refrigerant mass:  R290  
– Charge weight: 3.3 kg
–Global warming potential (GWP100 as per IPCC AR6)  : 0.02
– CO₂ equivalent: 0.06 kg

Maximum flow temperature (down to -2 °C)

70 °C

Sound power of outdoor unit at rated heating output

(tested with reference to EN 12102/EN ISO 3744),    assessed total sound power level at A7/W55
– ErP: 58.2  dB(A)  
– Maximum: 69.8  dB(A)  
– GLow-noise mode: 60.9  dB(A)  


550 kg


Length: 1900 mm
Width: 940 mm
Height: 1570 mm

Energy efficiency class (gas per Energy Label 811/2013)


Application area

Large detached houses and apartment blocks, commercial applications, modernisation, new builds

Product cross-section

Benefits of the Vitocal 250-A PRO

  • Heating, cooling and DHW with a single appliance  
  • Dual mode operation with an existing heat generator  
  • For large family houses and apartment buildings as well ascommercial applications  
  • Through cascade arrangement, an output demand of up to  79 kW can be covered with only one indoor unit  (2 x 39.5 kW)  
  • Suitable for modernisation projects due to 70 °C flow  temperature  
  • Demand-oriented output adjustment through electronic  expansion valves  
  • Use of the natural refrigerant R290  
  • Compact dimensions for space saving outdoor installation  
  • Installation possible in densely populated areas thanks to low  sound emissions  
  • Weatherproof casing with multilayer coating  
  • Factory pre-installation including switching, control and  safety equipment  
  • Connection to building management system via integrated  Modbus TCP/IP and BACnet/IP interface  
  • Easy to service thanks to good accessibility  
  • Online system monitoring
  • Attractive subsidy
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